As this year comes to an end, we would like to thank you for our collaborative and trusting relationship.

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We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year 2024!

We are project specialists with a focus on financial institutions

For more than two decades we have accompanied large and medium-sized institutes in the design of business processes and IT solutions. Our core competence lies in the planning, design and implementation of SAP standard software, both in operational and analytical areas relating to disclosure and internal bank management.

We are Financial Architects

We also develop bank-wide architectures and IT architectures for finance, controlling and operations, including blueprints for data models and flows.
As a strong partner, we emphasis on practicable solutions. In conception and implementation we translate end-to-end complexity into efficient, integrated and future-oriented business processes.

We are XPACT Management

With XPACT Consulting GmbH, we are following an innovative and successful path.
Our employees are highly qualified team players with precise and outstanding expertise. They are unique and exceptionally good.

We create competencies...

The XPACT employees are experts with an average of 11 years of project experience in SAP® and banking within XPACT. Due to our specialization, very experienced project teams can be made available to the customer, who bear the responsibility for the successful implementation of project plans.

... and create project-oriented sustainable solutions…

XPACT is a partner for both individual solutions and specialized questions, as well as for complex challenges in project programs and organizational designs. XPACT acts as a partner and pilot for the internal management teams of our clients, as well as in operational implementation and project management.

... with commitment to partnership and the highest standards in quality

Our employees always deliver outstanding results. The aim is to achieve the agreed goals and to realise the optimum solution from the customer’s point of view. In flat structures and in partnership thinking and acting.


Mark Bingenheimer Managing Director

Business administration at the University of Saarbrücken.

Accompanying his studies in business administration, Mark Bingenheimer worked for several years as an independent management consultant.

Since 1994 he has worked as a freelancer on various projects with SAP AG solutions as well as in organizational and strategy projects. As a member of the board of t.e.a.m. Unternehmensberatung AG, he was, until the foundation of XPACT Consulting AG, responsible together with Mr. Ludwig for the development and expansion of the financial services sector.

With the foundation of XPACT, he manages major projects for financial institutions and is a Managing Director of XPACT Consulting.


Frank Ludwig Managing Director

Studies of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen with supplementary studies „international business“ at the East London University. Further studies for MBA at SIU Paris and Harvard University.

After completing his studies, Frank Ludwig initially chose to start his career at Ploenzke, where he got to know the consulting environment at SAP SE from the ground up. After working for Ploenzke, he joined CSC Index as a management consultant. Here Frank Ludwig was involved in major international projects in the field of business reengineering and strategy consulting. Until the foundation of XPACT he was a member of the board of t.e.a.m. Management Consulting AG for ten years. Together with Mr. Bingenheimer, he was responsible for the development of the financial services sector.


Oliver Müller Managing Director

Applied Computer Science at the Trier University of Applied Sciences

After completing his studies in 2001, Oliver Müller began his career as a management consultant at t.e.a.m. consulting s.a. in Luxembourg, where he worked in the financial services sector – often with SAP SE banking products. In 2006 he moved to XPACT Consulting AG after its foundation and has been working there in various projects in the area of Financials since then. Oliver Müller has been a partner of XPACT Consulting AG since 2013 and a member of its Management Board since 2017. After the change of legal from the AG to GmbH in 2022 he is one of the Managing directors of XPACT Consulting GmbH.


Andreas Thiel Managing Director

Mathematics and physics (Teacher upper secondary school)

Andreas Thiel started working in 1996 in the areas of accounting and balance sheet management as well as in the trading department of a real estate bank. Since 1999 he has been working for t.e.a.m. Management consultancy and as a freelancer he mainly worked on implementation projects for banks. His focus was on operational market areas as well as financials – often with solutions from SAP SE – and architecture, process and large-scale project management. Andreas Thiel has been a partner of XPACT Consulting AG since 2013 and a member of its Management Board since 2017. After the change of legal from the AG to GmbH in 2022 he is one of the Managing directors of XPACT Consulting GmbH.

XPACT is part of X1F

The X1F Group offers technology and specialist consulting from a single source, supporting banks, insurance companies, industry and the public sector in the digital transformation with a full service offering. Under its umbrella, X1F bundles specialized, innovative and complementary services for business process consulting, program and project management, platform integration, data analysis, artificial intelligence, security, identity and access management, cloud and IT architecture as welI as IT infrastructure..



The German-speaking SAP User Group e.V. (DSAG) is an independent interest group representing users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DSAG’s commitment is based on three pillars:

  • Exchange of experience
  • Influencing Software Development
  • Networking

In addition to promoting knowledge transfer among the members and exchange between users and SAP, the focus is on experience-based influence on product development.

The most important contribution to this is made by the participants in the almost 170 working circles and groups, which are organized by industry, technology, or process. Through their commitment, constructive feedback is directly addressed in order to actively shape the development of SAP’s product portfolio in line with requirements.


SAP is one of the world's leading providers of enterprise software for the control of business processes and a long-standing partner in the implementation of demanding project and architecture requirements.


As part of this cooperation, we implement future-oriented solutions for the benefit of our customers and can look back on numerous successful projects with SAP products such as SAP S4/HANA®, SAP BankAnalyzer® or SAP Business Warehouse®. We were re-confirmed as an SAP Silver Partner and as an SAP Focus Partner as part of the Diamond Initiative.


SAP Fioneer addresses the digital needs of the financial services industry to better serve the rapidly changing banking and insurance market and shape the future in these markets.

SAP Fioneer

As a strategic orientation for the industry cloud, SAP has decided to bundle the further development of core solutions in the financial services industry in SAP Fioneer. As a Trusted Partner of SAP Fioneer, we can work with SAP to raise existing relationships to a new level and, thanks to increased agility and focus, jointly address significantly more market potential.


bluetelligence is the market leader in automated SAP documentation and offers unique software solutions for the analysis, maintenance & migration and translation of SAP metadata.


End users also benefit from the web-based company glossary for KPIs & reports. In a BI world that is becoming increasingly complex, these software products ensure transparency, security and efficiency. They create the necessary time for the core business, facilitate cooperation between IT and the specialist department and are profitable within a very short time.


The German-speaking SAP User Group e.V. (DSAG) is an independent advocacy group for the promotion of knowledge transfer of SAP users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The focus is on experience-based influence on product development.
The most important contribution to this is made by the participants of the almost 170 working groups and groups based on industries, technology or processes. In this way, constructive feedback is addressed directly in order to actively shape the development of SAP's product portfolio as required.