In increasingly integrated structures, project requirements are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and complex. No two projects are alike, and yet XPACT Consulting GmbH projects require different degrees of expert knowledge from a wide range of areas.

In addition to profound accounting-specific knowledge and its implications for operational and analytical systems, XPACT employees also keep their bearings in the increasingly complex regulatory environment of banking supervision.

Our employees, for example, are reporting specialists certified by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM), who are closely at your side both during the initial implementation of new reporting requirements and during the adaptation and extension of existing reporting formats. XPACT also focuses on the following areas:

SAP Consulting

We are a certified SAP® consulting company with a focus on SAP® Banking software components – and their interfaces. We have been consulting companies in the SAP environment since 1991 and have specialized in SAP Banking since 1998. Our customers are well-known international financial institutions, financial service providers, fintechs and industrial companies.

We have proven our expertise in this area in numerous SAP projects and thus offer suitable approaches for all levels of a visionary SAP overall banking solution. We accompany new implementations, release changes and running of operational modules (SAP® Banking, e.g. SAP® CML) as well as ERP and financial solutions (SAP® S/4 HANA (Operations, Finance and Group Reporting), SAP® AFI, SAP® FPSL). In data storage and data management, we are a strategic SAP® partner in the development of SAP® FSDP.


XPACT holds the status of ``SAP Silver Partner``. This acknowledges many years of successful cooperation with SAP within the framework of the PartnerEdge program in the service area.

SAP Silver Partner

The Silver Partner status honors the large number of successful SAP projects at our customers, which are documented by positive feedback. Our competence in the SAP environment is confirmed, as regular SAP training of our employees is necessary to achieve this status. We are always up to date with the latest SAP technologies and can therefore address customer-specific problems in a future-oriented manner.


Trusted Partner of Fioneer

SAP Fioneer addresses the digital needs of the financial services industry to better serve the rapidly changing banking and insurance market and shape the future in these markets.

Trusted Partner of Fioneer

As a strategic orientation for the industry cloud, SAP has decided to bundle the further development of core solutions in the financial services industry in SAP Fioneer.
As a partner of SAP Fioneer, we can work with SAP to raise existing relationships to a new level and, thanks to increased agility and focus, jointly address significantly more market potential.


SAP Focus Partner

As part of SAP's Diamond Initiative, XPACT is a focus partner in the Services sales team - FSI in the Services Industries sector.

SAP Focus Partner within the Diamond Initiative

We are pleased to have been recognized by the German SAP team as a focus partner for the joint market engagement.

A great confirmation of our work!

As part of the Diamond Initiative for SAP Partners we are nominated for the Partner Advisory Council and look forward to a strategic exchange with other top partners and the management of SAP.


Conversion R/3 to S4HANA

Successful participation in the SAP 10Steps2S4 training program

Conversion R/3 to S4HANA

XPACT has trained the following conversion roles as part of this SAP training program: System Architect, Basis consultant, Application consultants (FI/CO, Logistics), ABAP Developer. We have been able to expand our know-how in the area of conversion to S/4HANA through this program and look forward to future projects. We can use the End2End view of all relevant aspects in a future-oriented way for our customers.

Agile and classical project management methods

Experiences from projects from initialization to go-live and knowledge of the professional and technical challenges lead to an appropriate project plan in-time and in-budget. In the sense of a professional PMO, scope, dependencies, risks and the definition of acceptance criteria are managed.

We support our customers over all project stages in terms of content and time. The operational design of the project, from initialization through conception and implementation to testing and go-live, including production monitoring, is carried out by an experienced project team.mehr lesen

Based on our experience in active project and large-scale project management as well as coaching internal project managers, we develop the appropriate process model for each project. We support both classic and agile process models. Our service consists in particular in the support or implementation of the desired or suitable procedure as well as in ensuring its effective and efficient operation.


The development of modern financial architectures is one of our core competencies. The ever closer integration of dispositive application areas requires integrated, cross-departmental solutions. Strong. Consistent. Scalable. These are essential attributes. These are essential attributes with regard to the requirements of comprehensive system architectures. Because often it is heterogeneous IT system landscapes that have grown over decades and are no longer up to today’s challenges. New and constantly changing requirements pose high hurdles for both the IT departments and the corresponding specialist departments. Those responsible for IT have to maintain and further develop a large number of systems and extend interfaces. mehr lesen

Business departments reach operational limits when it comes to handling processes, manual solutions and organizational regulations. The main goal is to reduce complexity – to the advantage of all parties involved – by unbundling the operative from the dispositive system world. Last but not least, precisely these historically grown legacy interdependencies of all architectural components make the „new construction“ of architecture necessary. The standardization and centralization of technical functions and methods is regarded as an adequate means.

Frequently the lack of functional and technical design possibilities in the operative and dispositive world lead to a solution in which we establish a central data layer between these two universes for many customers. This data layer form the link between the two worlds. A „financial data layer“ as a firewall: a first step towards layer architecture. This decoupling of the operative from the dispositive world enables the architectural tasks to be clearly located at a central location. In addition, the establishment of a central financial data layer allows changes to source systems and customer systems to be carried out independently.

The efficient feed of regulatory (standard) software from integrated and harmonized data layers facilitates the implementation of permanently changing regulatory requirements. A reconcilability between the various disclosure channels creates additional value for the entire regulatory bank management.

Transformation projects face external challenges which, to the dismay of all project participants, are not a fixed point but a changing goal. In this area of conflict, the employees of XPACT Consulting GmbH know how to not only incorporate our experience from other projects into their projects, but also to adapt it to the needs of their company and their project in a customer-specific way. From „best practice“ to „best fit“. The creation of a target architecture plays an important role. Against the background of ever more complex challenges, this represents the compass for the development of flexible and, above all, sustainable solutions.


With the modification of systems, structures and tasks, the reorientation of processes will also become necessary. In most cases, the skill requirements of employees will continue to develop as the degree of automation increases. Modern solutions require highly qualified employees, who primarily think networked, on the one hand, and enable the centralization of simpler tasks on the other. XPACT has this aspect on its radar right from the start and supports its customers in mastering these organizational challenges. Goaloriented.